Jack Tchen


Jack Tchen is a historian and cultural activist. Since 1975, he has been studying interethnic and interracial relations of Asians and Americans, helping to build cultural organizations, and exploring how inquiry in the humanities and society can help deepen the quality of public discourse and policy. Dr. Tchen is the founding director of the A/P/A (Asian/Pacific /American) Studies Program and Institute at New York University (NYU) and a co-founder of the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, also at NYU. Additionally, he co-founded the Museum of Chinese in America in 1979-80, where he continues to serve as senior historian. He is the author of the award-winning book New York before Chinatown: Orientalism and the Shaping of American Culture, 1776-1882. Dr. Tchen is now working on a book about New York City, focusing on the unrecognized tradition of the intermingling of people, creativity, and improvisation of everyday residents. He is also currently editing The ‘Yellow Peril’ Reader: Understanding Xenophobia.