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The Immigrant Nation Project
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This week, at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, a team of multimedia artists who are part of a new project called Immigrant Nation will be working with visitors to record their stories and add them to an installation art piece at Ellis Island. “Whether you arrived just recently or your family came to the U.S. generations ago, the millions of immigrants and descendants of immigrants who make up our nation have something important in common,” said Immigrant Nation …

Exploring the Life of a “Go-Between” at Ellis Island
Entrance of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum (photo by Simeon87)

by Peter Wong, Park Ranger, Ellis Island Immigration Museum Mainstream American society considers me affectionately as an “ABC,” or “American-born Chinese.” Native-born Chinese, meanwhile, refer to me as a “juk sing,” or “hollowed bamboo” — a derisive term indicating that while I may look outwardly Chinese, I lack the language or cultural insights to be accepted into Chinese society. To be fair, I cannot read or write Chinese, and I speak the Chinese dialect of Cantonese like a precocious nine-year-old. …