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Immigration and Diversity

by Jennifer Scott A quieter trend of immigration in the United States includes rapidly growing black immigrant community. A recent article, The Changing Face of Citizenship, asserts that since 2000, black citizenship in Massachusetts has more than doubled, “fueled by transplants from the Caribbean and, increasingly, fast-growing groups from Africa. Nationwide, the number of new black citizens has nearly doubled, to 1.8 million.”  Nationally, in fact, according to the Population Reference Bureau, the number of the black foreign-born population increased …

Weekly Roundup, May 16th
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Center for American Progress recently published the infographic, “Do We Need to Detain 34,000 Immigrants Every Day?” questioning the excessive number of US immigration detentions and incurred cost: In immigration news this week: Obama makes new pitch for immigration reform via CNN Chamber Of Commerce Head: Without Immigration Reform, Republicans ‘Should Not Bother’ To Run In 2016 via Think Progress When will Boehner turn to immigration? via The Hill Language Barrier Continues to Thwart Victims of Crimes via New York …

Mothers: A Tribute to Family
Illinois Women for Compassionate Immigration Reform-

by Jennifer Scott “Home is whenever I’m with you” from “Home,” a song from Jorge Narvaez to his mother In tribute to Mother’s Day, this piece is dedicated to all of the mothers who are affected by immigration policies. The recent spike in deportations – two million since 2009 – has greatly impacted families, often separating parents from children and siblings from one another, breaking up marriages and extended families. No one has felt this pain more than the mothers. …

Nuevo South
Levine exhibit

This 2014, each of the participating sites in the National Dialogues on Immigration project will be contributing to our blog post series, “Immigration: Our Stories.” This post comes from Levine Museum of the New South. A few Charlotteans were asked: What is your definition of “immigrant”? “Someone who has moved to a different place in hopes of a better future & life.” “Someone who doesn’t have papers. They’re illegal.” “Someone who takes our jobs.” Immigrant. When people hear or see …

Weekly Roundup, May 2nd
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May 1st marked “May Day,” also known as International Workers Day, begun in 1887 as a day to honor laborers and draw attention to workers’ rights. Since 2006, this day has become closely tied to immigrant rights and immigration reform. Thousands of people throughout the country recently gathered in solidarity to protest and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. Here is some of the news coverage from May Day activities last week: May Day — Then and Now via Huffington Post May …