National Dialogues on Immigration

Weekly Roundup, November 21st

June 25, 2015  |  News 

Immigration in the news this week:

Obama, Daring Congress, Acts to Overhaul Immigration via The New York Times

How Obama’s executive action will impact immigrants, by birth country via Pew Research Center

Obama’s huge new immigration plan, explained via Vox

Poll finds support for Obama’s executive action on immigration via The Hill

Undocumented Immigrants Tune In as Obama Makes Long-Awaited Pledge via The New York Times

Immigration Reform Is a Black Thing, Too via The Root

Jeffries, Clarke and Caribbean-American Leaders In Brooklyn Address Obama’s Immigration Overhaul via The Brooklyn Reader

In Immigration Action, the LGBT Community Once Again Feels Left Behind via National Journal

Astrid Silva: Thank you, Mr. President via USA Today

If you missed it, here is Obama’s full speech from November 20, 2014, where he explains the Executive Actions that he will take on immigration reform.

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