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Weekly Roundup, June 27th

July 7, 2014  |  Featured News,News
Original photo from report, "No Place For Kids"

Is the new wave of unaccompanied children crossing the US border from Central America interfering with comprehensive immigration reform or demonstrating poor border security?

“Bob Ortega, senior reporter for The Arizona Republic, talks about his reporting from both sides of the border on why the kids say they want to come to the US, and the message in their home countries about the dangerous journey.”  Listen here to the WNYC report, “What Unaccompanied Minors Mean for Immigration Reform”

In immigration in the news this week:

What Washington Is Doing About the Kids Who Have Become the Latest Flashpoint in the Immigration Debate via National Journal

Mass Migrant Graves Unearthed in Texas via AlJazeera

New York City Council Expected to Approve 2 Plans Aiding Immigrants via The New York Times

Joe Biden sets immigration meeting via Politico

Love wins in gay couple’s 40-year immigration fight via News Channel 3, Hampton, Virginia

Politics of border security hamper immigration reform via AZCentral

Emanuel switch on immigration: Evolution or hipocresía? via Chicago Sun Times

Big-Money G.O.P. Donors Aren’t Having Much Luck Getting Their Way on Immigration Reform via Vanity Fair

Opponents Thrilled After Plans Are Denied for Immigrant Facility via NBC San Diego

Another tribute to immigrants, presents Naya Rivera’s, “Love, America.”

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