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Weekly Roundup, August 1st

August 21, 2014  |  Featured News,News
Mr. President Stop the Deportations

In immigration in the news this week:

Barack Obama’s immigration moves could be unstoppable via Politico

Criticism arises after children are rushed to see immigration judges via Los Angeles Times

Immigrant Mothers Released From Holding Centers, but With Ankle Monitors via The New York Times

Immigration Crisis: Photographing the Violence Behind the Honduras Exodus via Time

National Latino Organizations Release Final Congressional Report Cards Ranking Immigration Reform Progress via Latin Post

Survey | Nearly 7-in-10 Americans See Unaccompanied Children at Border as Refugees, Not Illegal Immigrants via Public Religion Research Institute

M.C. Raka Dun Talks Hip-Hop and Immigration via ColorLines

Jerry Brown to meet in Mexico with religious leaders on immigration crisis via The Sacramento Bee

This video, recently released from Baji, highlights the connection between the War on Drugs and the War on Immigrants for communities of color:

“…[m]ass incarceration and the U.S. deportation machine are deeply intertwined… The rate of detention and criminal deportation is soaring. Black immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America are overrepresented in immigration detention and criminal deportatiton proceedings by five times their presence in the undocumented community. And all Latino undocumented immigrants are disproportionately affected by a wide margin. Ultimately all forms of criminalization keeps people divided.”

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