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Weekly Roundup, March 28th
César Chávez at a United Farmworkers rally, 1974.

In the StoryCorps series aired weekly on NPR, see this short video clip, “By the time I was in the second grade, everyone was calling me Raymond,” where Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez recounts how teachers changed the names of Mexican-American students during the 1950s.  Here’s the audio link NPR is also running a special series, Borderland- dispatches from the US-Mexico boundary. This week’s story is, Crossing The Desert: Why Brenda Wanted Border Patrol To Find Her, about a woman who becomes separated from her …

Weekly Roundup, Feb. 28th
Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 10.11.20 AM

Here are your weekly roundup of stories about immigration!

National Immigration Reform: Are We at A Standstill?

Immigration reform impediments, halting deportations, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal for municipal ID cards and more.

Weekly Roundup of Immigration in the News
Photographer Brandon Stanton

Here’s our weekly roundup of immigration stories in the news and around the U.S.: one photographer is doing a photo series of all the people who are in New York City: immigrants, native New Yorkers, rich, poor, old and young…

Ask President Barack Obama about Immigration Reform on Friday

The White House has organized the first ever “virtual” Hangout Road Trip with President Obama. Beginning on Friday, January 31st, the President will, via the road of the Internet, travel across the country, talking to citizens about various issues that confront the United States in 2014.

Immigration Right Now
Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Here are the fast facts on U.S. immigration reform developments in 2014.