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Weekly Roundup of Immigration in the News

February 7, 2014  |  Featured News
Photographer Brandon Stanton

Here’s our weekly roundup of immigration stories in the news and around the U.S.!

One photographer is doing a photo series of all the people who are in New York City: immigrants, native New Yorkers, rich, poor, old and young. Watch his story below and read the blog directly via the link provided.

Humans of New York: A Photography Census of NYC via Upworthy

Here are other stories in the news this week:

How to Get Immigration Reform? Globalise It! via Al Jazeera

Boehner Doubts Immigration Overhaul Will Pass this Year via The New York Times

Detroit’s Immigration Solution via The New York Times

Immigration Groups Want Obama to Halt Deportations: Here’s How that Might Work via The Washington Post

Can a Super Bowl Soft Drink Ad Move Congress? via Forbes

Nancy Pelosi: If GOP Can’t Trust Obama on Immigration, Congress Should ‘Pack Up and Go Home’ via The Huffington Post

Stanford Scholars See Political Hurdles in Immigration Reform via The Stanford Report

Do you think a Superbowl soft drink ad can affect immigration policy? If you missed last weekend’s Coca-Cola advertisement, America, The Beautiful aired during Superbowl, you can see it here:

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